I Stole This Simple Marketing Idea

Looking for a quick, simple method to increase your profits? Here’s one I stole from Money-to-Go in Texas.

Visit the auto repair shops in your area. Ask them if they ever have a customer who doesn’t have the money to pay for their car repair. OF COURSE THEY DO!

Auto repair shops are not in the loan business; you are!

So… let them know you have the funds to help their customer AND relieve the manager/owner of that uncomfortable feeling that overcomes them when their customer cannot afford to pay their repair bill.

Action steps:

Call the repair shop. Ask for the manager. Ask them if their customers sometimes have difficulty paying their repair bill. Tell the Manager you have a solution; you have funds available. Explain that you would like 3 minutes of their time tomorrow to briefly explain your funding solution. Simply say, “What’s best for you tomorrow? 11 AM or 4 PM?”

Drop by on the appointed day. Quickly explain, “Our mission is to arrange convenient and easy financing for your customers that have no credit or bad credit. That way they can pay for their transmission repair, brake replacement, body work or any major car repair immediately and get back on the road.” Don’t go into intricate details unless you’re asked. Just make it clear you have a solution for the Manager AND their customer. Leave with their business card.

Leave POS (Point-of-Sale) materials. If you don’t yet have any use VistaPrints.

Followup 3 days later with a color post card, an email and a phone call to thank them!

Revisit the repair shop’s location at least once per month. Leave them a box of donuts!

How much is just one customer from this repair shop worth to you? How many loans per year? For how many years?

DO THIS! Try it for 60 days!!
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