Google Payday Loan Algorithm Change Coming

Search Engine Land posted a piece on the next Google Panda update. “It is unclear exactly what this is an update for. Is it in response to an update on the PayDay algorithm or maybe the softer Panda update? We asked Matt Cutts and Google to clarify but Google won’t clarify.”

2 weeks ago, Google’s Matt Cutts made reference to payday loan “spammy quiries” taking place and the need for a change in Google’s algorithm.

The following week, payday loan hackers made great fun of Google’s in-house pitch man and did this:

Get a payday loan from Google's Matt Cutts

Get a payday loan from Google’s Matt Cutts

What’s the take away? Don’t mess with “The Black Hats.” Then again, I wouldn’t advise messing with Google. In fact, don’t mess with either. It could be bad for your $$ health!

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