Fewer Companies Settle with CFPB

The Business of Lending is the Oldest Pofession.

The Wall Street Journal [which I have appeared in on several occassions] ran an interesting piece on the CFPB. The fact is, fewer companies are willing to settle with the CFPB today. This is huge. 

Fewer lenders willing to settle with CFPB = more investors/capital scrambling to enter the B2C and B2B alternative lending space. In spite of the competition from the balance sheet and off-balance sheet lenders, my phone is ringing. On the other end of the call? Entrepreneurs, capital groups, technologists… contemplating entrance into the business of lending. Lenders find it hard to ignore the 30%+ net returns available. The banks simply cannot service the demand for small dollar loans. Lenders continue to salivate due to the low cost of money coupled with ease of entry, mobile technology, tribe sovereignty, a more stable and defined state regulatory environment…

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  • money says:

    Jer, how can I get involved? We would like to launch a $5-$10M portfolio in collaboration with the sovereign model. We’ve been sitting on the side-lines for far too long.

    • PaydayLoanGuy says:

      Yes, there are MANY groups out there experiencing the same thoughts. Does your group have $2M – $3M tolaunch? Or, do you need help raising this capita? Do you need tribe introductions? Finally, tell me about your Team and their experience… Reach out to my direct email Jer@TrihouseConsulting.com or call 702-208-6736.

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