Federal Trade Commission Suit against Tribal Payday Lenders

Payday loans, tribe – sovereign nation model, the Federal Trade Commission… Interested in the latest developments? Go here for the latest news: Turtle Talk

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  • Adam says:

    You can reach me at (913) 660-7226 Clickspeed to discuss further.
    Per Admin, you can also reach out to Allen Parker at Consultants4Tribes.com at 951-260-8149.

  • Franklin says:

    We are a small tribe in the South West. How do we participate in the payday loan industry? Our resources are limited as we do not offer gaming… Where do we find the capital and the expertise?


  • Martin says:

    The comic road show. This tribe payday loan – Scott Tucker “thing” will take years. Tucker has deep pockets. I really don’t think the “Tucker Tribe Model” is even relevant today. The tribe model has become much “cleaner” and stable. Tucker did a reverse-end-around after the fact.


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