Experienced Online/Fintech B2C Leader Available.

Experienced Online/Fintech B2C Leader Available. 

Attention all Lenders. Jer here. An extraordinary operations executive reached out to me today. He’s on the hunt for his next assignment. It’s my pleasure to provide those of you in need of serious help navigating 2022 to explore how he can enable you to launch/improve your lending operations, book of business, transition to online lending, substantially improve your ROI & IRR… Here he is: 

I enable my B2C lender clients to create high-performing, user-friendly lending systems and platforms with a focus on digital lending and multi-channel delivery via both State & Tribal lending models.

I have nearly 10 years of successful experience building tribal & state-licensed online lending models as CEO, COO:

  • Launched & managed multiple multimillion-dollar [USD] online B2C small-dollar, subprime short-term installment loan portfolios.
  • Highly competent in managing Tribal Council relationships & building infrastructure.
  • Skilled at capital raises.
  • Highly proficient at enhancing portfolio ROI’s via AI [Artificial IntelligenceI] machine learning, and transitioning storefront lenders to online lending.
  • Omnichannel marketing/customer onboarding/retention.
  • Data analysis & Modeling (KPI). Segment ROI. Risk vs Profitability.
  • Risk management & regulatory compliance for all federal, tribal & applicable state laws.
  • Call center operations.
  • Payment processing
  • Banking & law firm relationships for subprime lenders.
  • 3rd party vendor vetting & negotiations…  
  • I will consider both full-time, remote & on-site collaborations. Open to relocation.

Let’s arrange an introductory call and explore! TLE@LeaningRockFinance.com 

Experienced Online/Fintech B2C Leader Available.
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