It’s not uncommon for me to review a product or service on my blog PaydayLoanIndustryBlog.com. If I believe it’s a good product or service and the merchant selling said product or service has an affiliate program, I have no issue referring you to a *good* product/service with an affiliate link. This means I might be paid a commission if you buy the product or subscribe to the service I recommend.

Why you need to know this?

The FCC feels I need to explain this in detail because otherwise, they think you might not be bright enough to understand the difference between a real review and a bullshit review on your own. They think I might be willing to sell my reputation for an affiliate commission. They’re wrong. But I have to tell you anyway to cover my ass.

The name of my game is to deliver GREAT content to you AND to make money! If this offends you, please leave my Blog and go back to “Googling” your way to fame and fortune.