CRL Center for Responsible Lending Takes More Hits

Looks as if more and more folks are realizing The Center for Responsible Lending is anything but an unbiased, consumer protectionist organization. Like the old saying, “Follow the money”, if you dig a little the skeletons are revealed. Payday Pundit brought this revelation to our attention today about The CRL.

Here’s a snippet from  Culture11.  Read the full article there

The Center for Responsible Lending. Sounds reliable, right? That’s where they get you. They claim to speak up for the people but in reality, CRL is a “predatory lending” organization (what they claim to be against) unethically funded by a wealthy institution that benefits from their policies. According to the Consumer Rights League, CRL “attacks competing loan products” and often takes legal action against low-income borrowers for petty reasons. This is, of course, after they’ve approved loans to the less fortunate at highly profitable rates.

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