CFPB & PDL Industry Leaders to Gather in Birmingham

Industry leaders and CFPB experts to gather in Birmingham to talk about CFPB compliance

Leaders in the payday and title industry across the southeast are bringing some of the country’s top legal experts on CFPB compliance to Birmingham, Ala., for a conference to discuss what lenders of all sizes must do to comply with new CFPB regulations. The conference is set for June 14-15 in Birmingham, and lenders can sign up to receive details and pre-register at www.borrowsmartcompliance.com.

Attendees will hear about lenders who have gone through the CFPB examination process and get a crash course in CFPB terminology such as “sustainable loans” and “unfair and deceptive acts and practices.” Information will be available on what to expect from an “initial documents request” as well as insight on how CFPB is working with state regulators. This is a don’t-miss event for company leaders!

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  • Paul says:

    Perfect timing. I will be in the Atlanta area at that time. I desperately need to atend this conference. Thank you for posting this.

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