Bank Accounts for Payday Loans, Car Title Loans, CBD, & High Risk Merchants

May 16th, 2018. Two new ODFI’s, lender bank accounts and an extremely competitive payment processor available to serve you TODAY!

Need banking and processing for your high risk payday lending, car title loan lending, cannabis transactions, Image Cash Letters [ICL], CBD oil, MLM, ECig, and Nutraceuticals merchant processing…

ALL at extraordinary rates and zero reserves? Reach out to me! [Inquiry Form below.]

Having been in one of the highest risk verticals for 20+ years – online payday loan lending – it’s been easy for my Team to on board other high risk verticals in need of banking and processing. This includes tribe lending [TLE’s], processing CBD, MLM, ECig, and Nutraceuticals… That’s right!  CBD, kratom, Nutra, and Ecig businesses; all the high risk merchant processing your bank and merchant processor are “uncomfortable” with.

ODFI With Payday, Title & Personal Loan Processing Rates

ACH PROCESSING FEESNew rates and ODFI's effective today2 New ODFI's Avail. 
NOTE 1: For Tribal Lending Entities (TLE's) a Bank Depository Account WILL be provided.
NOTE 2: Debit & Credit Card Processing is Available.
NOTE 3: We have MULTIPLE ODFI's available for TLE's, Payday, Title...
NOTE 4: No reserves. 3 day hold
Credit OriginationCall for Quote
Rejected TransactionCall for Quote
Credit ReturnCall for QuoteDiscount%Call for Quote
Credit Late ReturnCall for QuotePer PrenoteCall for Quote
Credit ChargebackCall for Quote
Debit OriginationCall for Quote
Debit ReturnCall for QuoteMonthly FeesN/A
Debit Late ReturnCall for QuoteACH Platform Access GatewayCall for Quote
Debit ChargebackCall for QuoteMonthly Bank FeeCall for Quote
Notice of Change [NOC]Call for Quote
NOC Auto-CorrectionCall for Quote
Incoming WireCall for QuoteApplication FeeN/A
Outgoing WireCall for QuoteSetup FeeN/A
Returned SettlementCall for Quote
Un-AuthorizationCall for Quote
NOTE 4: Rates are negotiable for high transaction volume.

Bank for payday loan business

Want to learn more about our ACH processing, Push loans to consumer’s phones, Credit & Debit card processing,  ICL [Image Cash Letter] money transfer solutions, bank accounts [ODFI], RDC [Remote Deposit Capture] and more?

Tribe and state models approved!

We can assist you with all your needs.

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Has Compass, Kabbage, Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America… terminated you? Have you received an “ACH processor Termination Letter” from your Banker? Your ACH processor? No worries! When 35 million consumers demand access to a product, entrepreneurs always find a way.

There’s a fix for this! If you need an alternative to ACH, I’ve got it. Reach out. It’s cheap, proven and works.  Want more info?

Push-funds to borrowers: We have the system! This is huge!

Credit & debit card processing. We specialize in the payday loan, signature lending, small dollar loan vertical.

You know the PDL industry has been “on the ropes.” Dollar delivery systems have been under heavy attack. President Obama launched “Operation Choke Point” and multiple AG’s have squeezed lenders hard. BUT, President Trump is in charge now  🙂  Everything in the payday loan industry is improving daily. Even the publicly traded payday loan’installment and signature loan companies are performing MUCH better and recording huge increases in transaction volume and profitability. The CFPB is crashing and burning!

And, in spite of all the “noise,” millions of consumers continue to “vote” every day to employ our products to solve their financial challenges. Likewise, savvy payment processors and banks launch new, exciting, state-of-the-art money transfer conduits enabling lenders to continue to service our demographic.

ACH for payday loans

Today, I announce money transfer solutions worthy of your consideration:

  • Bank accounts
  • ACH for tribe and state licensed lenders
  • PIN debit
  • PINless debit
  • EFT
  • ODFI’s in the USA
  • ICL
  • Credit cards
  • PDL operating accounts
  • 7 Methods for consumers to make a payment
  • Plug-n-play API’s
  • Legacy portfolio importation
  • Super competitive rates
  • And much more…

This is the future of money movement! 

ACH for Payday Loan Business

Trihouse has solutions available; each focusing on your specific need as an MSB, PDL or title loan lender.  As you know, Operation Choke Point, “bank discontinuance” and state/tribe licensing are all factors determining the most suitable banker, ACH provider and alternatives. Your rates, fees, rolling reserves, etc. are dependent on your business’s specific situation.

Invest 30 seconds of your time here and we’ll provide you with a direct line to our financial solutions provider.
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This will enable your Team to discuss your unique, individual needs directly with our processors. Note: The longer your Team waits to find out more, the closer you’ll be to the bottom of the stack of applications. This isn’t B.S. You already know bankers, ACH processors and state lending license issuers are BURIED!

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