Arizona Payday Loans Vote Yes #200

Arizona payday loan consumers urge a VOTE YES ON 200!

Concerned about access to small consumer loans and fear that government will continue to encroach on their freedom of financial choice, Arizona voters urge everyone to vote yes on 200.

Even if you have never used a payday loan and have zero plans in the future to do so, Arizona consumers urge all voters to allow the individual to make the choice; not government!

A Yes Vote on 200 will allow the payday loan product to exist in Arizona. A No Vote on 200 will force Arizona payday loan consumers to use Internet payday loan web sites.

Payday loan Internet web sites typically charge $20 – $40 per $100 borrowed. Arizona payday loan stores charge $15 per $100 for a two week period.

Recently the Prescott Courier endorsed Proposition 200! Read more here:
Arizonans for Financial Reform

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