ACH Killer Wallet Update

If you still have not seen the ACH “Virtual Wallet Killer,” Go here:


This is disrupting the AFS industry; to put it mildly. For Internet and store -front lenders. Be up and running in 24-48 hours. You MUST take a look at this! If you’re an ISO, be certain to check the box!

If you’re bored, exhausted or simply quit, jump-out your window.  Best wishes in your future endeavors!

Jer@TrihouseConsulting.com (I check email daily!)
Skype 702-425-9106 (BEST) I’m on the road the next several days)
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  • New Yorker says:

    Hope you & your friends go bankrupt. I had 3 pay day loans for a short period of time… Big rip off . Now I’m suing them all and I hope Lawsky runs your feather asses out of this state! I think I will get 100 people to take out these loans & then we will close out accts! You should stay out of states where your loans are illegal because the tables are turning on you and your friends. You’re brilliantly ignorant!

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