Ace Cash Express Partners with Texas Toll Roads

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Here’s a smart method for using an offline marketing channel to drive payday loan borrowers to a brick-n-mortar! “A report reveals the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority (CRRMA) will be working with ACE Cash Express to collect tolls for the new César Chávez Border Highway toll road that is slated to begin operation this week.”

“The El Paso Times broke the story that motorists might have to establish an account to use the road or pay off toll charges at the payday loan company’s stores – drivers can still pay these items by phone, online or mail. The outlet also notes that customers will be charged $3 to open up an account and an additional $2 convenience service fee.”

“Experts say that ACE Cash Express is benefiting directly from the partnership because it is getting potentially thousands of customers into its stores and could very well create new clientele. The company has already conceded this in an interview with the El Paso news outlet.”
– See more at: PFHub.com

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