9 Reasons: Biz of Lending to the Masses Continues to Scale Big Time

How to Start a Consumer Loan Business

Hello Lenders, Vendors, Entrepreneurs, Regulators & all interested parties in “The Business of Lending to the Masses!”

Government subsidies, additional unemployment payments, and rent moratoriums are coming to an end. Vaccine & Covid fears are abating. Jobs are plentiful. That means our borrower applicants have the ability to pay.

Our portfolios and those of my clients and peers continue to pick up steam.
Demand for cash by the “lower moderate-income, unbanked, underbanked, thin-credit, subprime… whatever you choose to call this demographic – “THE MASSES” – continues to increase dramatically.

The malls, the outlets, the designer stores, auto sales – especially used cars, consumer goods of ALL kinds are overwhelmed with consumers exhibiting pent-up demand. I’ve personally visited Texas, Florida, Mexico, Tennessee, Washington, Oregon… By the 4th quarter – OUR Quarter – all of us will be scrambling for capital to serve this extraordinary demand for our financial products and services. [Have capital? Need capital? Reach out to me!]

Per a mentor of mine, Anthony [Pomp] Pompliano – Link below]:

  • “The lack of financial education should be a national emergency in the United States. Only about 50% of states require high schools to teach students personal finance and there are many statistics that point out just how financially illiterate our society is currently:
  • More than 53% of adults say thinking about their financial situation makes them anxious.
  • 44% of adults say discussing their finances is stressful.
  • About 66% of American families don’t have savings that are equivalent to 6 weeks of expenses.
  • 78% of adults live paycheck-to-paycheck.
  • 80% of young people (people under the age of 35 years old) couldn’t answer majority of financial literacy questions accurately.
  • 54% of millennials are concerned about their student loan debt… there is currently over $1.5 trillion in student loan debt.
  • Less than 20% of adults feel confident in their savings habits.

These are just some of the statistics that highlight how bad the problem has become. There are plenty more.

Here is the craziest part in my opinion — most people believe they will never be able to build a life of wealth because they don’t inherit anything and they don’t have a large salary.

While counterintuitive, here is what the data says:

  • Approximately 80% of millionaires inherited $0
  • 33% of millionaires never made $100,000 in a single year

The truth is that you can build a life of wealth by simply being educated and having a disciplined approach. It is easy to learn, but obviously difficult to execute.

Anthony Pompliano has had a HUGE influence on my life! I’m a paid subscriber; for me, he’s worth every dime.

He and his Team offer substantial free information as well. I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU follow him! Here is an announcement I received from him this a.m.: “It has become more apparent over the years that our school systems are not going to solve this financial education problem. Rather than waste time complaining about the lack of change, my brothers and I have decided to do something about it.”

[PS: From Jer. “I am not being paid by Anthony for this “plug.” I simply believe Anthony’s info – even the free stuff – is highly relevant for our niche, “the business of lending to the masses,” as well as the crypto industry, and extremely relevant for ALL freedom-seeking people!”]

From Team POMP: “Today we are launching The Best Business Show, which we hope will become the most entertaining way for people to learn about business, finance, and investing. Simply, it is the business show that we wish we had when we were learning.

“The idea here is that we will live stream for 2 hours every weekday from 11am to 1p EST. We’ll explain what is happening in business and investing, why it is happening, how it impacts the average person, and explain various timeless investing principles.”

“We aren’t journalists. We will leave that important job to the real professionals. We are simply three guys who educated ourselves over the years and have been able to build a nice life through those acquired skills. Now we’re going to share that information with young people by bringing it to them on the platforms that they are already on.”

“The internet is powerful. We don’t need a cable news network and we don’t need to ask permission from anyone. With just an internet connection, we can create what we believe will become the largest business show in the world. It won’t be easy. It will take a lot of hard work. But it is the single most impactful thing we can think to do in an effort to make an impact on this pervasive problem.”

“If you’re interested in checking it out, you can subscribe to the POMP YouTube channel”

PS: While you’re at it, grab the latest version of our Course, “How to Lend Money to the Masses Profitably” Version 75 here: https://theBusinessOfLending.com

Meanwhile, prepare for the wild ride ahead! Finally, remember! Our business is ALL about the phone. Your loan company must be capable of acquiring, underwriting, processing, funding, collecting… from the Masses who must have access to fast, no-hassle cash!

Again, for perspective, read/listen to “Debt: The First 5000 Years!”

No go make some serious MONEY and be of SERVICE to whom YOU CHOOSE! Not the government.

Jer – 702-208-6736 Cell

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