ENOVA Payday Loan Job Position

Job Description

Payday & Installment Loan Analytics Services Manager

Your head honcho: Sr. Manager of Analytics

Our Analytics team:

Enova’s Analytics team consists of over 50 quantitative professionals dedicated to using the latest cutting-edge techniques to drive business value.   We are a shared service for the entire company and operate in four core Analytics workgroups:

  • Portfolio Analytics –we focus on building cutting edge risk, pricing, and underwriting models to optimize our lending decisions by using advanced modeling and simulation techniques to optimize the performance of our loan products and operations.
  • Fraud Analytics – analysts on the fraud team use advanced data mining techniques to identify and fight online fraud.
  • Marketing Analytics – the marketing analytics team is focused on applying statistical analysis and predictive modeling to help our marketing teams acquire and retain more valuable customers.
  • Research and Platforms- the RAP team builds and maintains all of our technical tools and platforms.  They help investigate new analytics methodologies, use cases, and data sources, to institute new and best practices within the department.

At Enova we have a company-wide culture that emphasizes data-driven analysis.

This is where YOU come in:

How to start installment loan companyAs an Analytics Services Manager you will be one of Enova’s most valuable resources.   You will be the delivery leader and SME for all of our Analytics products and services provided. You will demonstrate the ability and experience in building relationships both internally and externally.  You will serve as the point of contact for new business pursuits for our Analytics Services team.  Throughout client engagement you will lead the delivery to ensure exceptional results.

Kudos to you if you have:

  • A Master’s degree or PhD in related field of study
  • Experience in Analytics at a financial institution
  • A strong understanding of delivering financial services through the Internet.
  • Proven experience leading a credit/risk analytics, or modeling team, where team members were responsible for quantitative analysis, and model building.

Job Requirements

You’re right for this job if you have:

  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience, required
  • At least 12 years of experience in an Analytics or related field
  • Previous experience in client facing positions
  • Supported team members in managing projects in areas that involve

Analytics Services

  • Strategic and business development experience
  • Advanced knowledge of statistical/econometric modeling
  • Previous experience with advanced programming skills for meaningful data analysis
  • Must have strong business acumen and communications  skills

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The payday loan, installment lending, P2P, merchant cash advance… industry is experiencing unprecedented growth! Demand for loan products continue unabated while the loan products evolve.


Payday Loan Industry Emergency

Payday Loan Fan,

This is a payday loan INDUSTRY EMERGENCY!

PLEASE get your employees and your customers involved immediately; TODAY.

If you don’t, you and your small dollar loan business are HISTORY!

Do you think “big brother” and Mr. Obama should tell YOU when, where and how often you can borrow money?
Do you want payday loan and other short-term loan products to go the way of the dinosaurs?
Do you want to allow Mr. Obama to force you to close your doors, layoff your employees and advise your borrowers your payday loan services are no longer an option for them in a financial emergency?

As of this minute, We have 84,476 signed payday loan petitions opposing the “short-term lending rules being considered by the CFPB: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.”

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Operation Choke Point List of Industries

Operation Choke Point Targets:

 MANY industries sat back and watched as the payday loan industry appeared to be the only industry under attack by Operation Choke Point.

  • Ammunition Sales
  • Cable Box De-scramblers
  • Coin Dealers
  • Credit Card Schemes
  • Credit Repair Services
  • Dating Services
  • Debt Consolidation Scams
  • Drug Paraphernalia
  • Escort Services
  • Firearms Sales
  • Fireworks Sales
  • Get Rich Products
  • Government Grants
  • Home-Based Charities
  • Life-Time Guarantees
  • Life-Time Memberships
  • Lottery Sales
  • Mailing Lists/Personal Info
  • Money Transfer Networks
  • On-line Gambling
  • Pawn Shops
  • Payday Loans
  • Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Ponzi Schemes
  • Pornography[9]
  • Pyramid-Type Sales
  • Racist Materials
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • Telemarketing
  • Tobacco Sales
  • Travel Clubs
How to start a payday loan business

Start a PDL Company

We have methods and providers offering ACH processing, credit card processing, Image Cash Letters, debit card transactions… These providers and strategies are all covered here: “The Bible.”



Operation Choke Point, Payday Loans, Senator Cruz

Operation Choke Point

Payday loans, guns…

Senator Cruz takes “big Brother” to task! This is beautiful.

AG Nominee Stuart Delery is a weasel… Sen. Cruz Questions  AG Nominee Stuart Delery on Operation Choke Point.


Perilous? Payday Loan Internet Lending

Payday Loan Internet Business

BY: Jer Trihouse. Regarding the payday loan internet business model, I’ve been adamant for years that the  “choice-of-law” licensing model is subject to major disruption.

Serious analysis of long term survival as a lender in the payday loan/small dollar lending space suggests legal application and compliance of your borrower’s “home” state residence loan rates and terms is the least aggressive course.

Recently, the Minnesota Supreme Court put more emphasis on the correctness of this strategy for payday loan lenders via the Internet. (I suggest you review this piece as well.)

Lenders who insist on employing products, fees and rates that attempt to circumvent their borrower’s “home” state law, will suffer the wrath of the CFPB, UDAAP violations, Commerce Clause challenges, RICO charges (prosecution and civil penalties for racketeering), ad infinitum.

Suffice it to say, if your Team persists in avoiding complying with your borrower’s “home” state laws and you have any “scale,” you will eventually come to the attention of the FED’s. Your lawyers maybe happy with the process that proceeds but you likely will not.

Does this thinking apply to the tribe – sovereign nation model? Your regulator certainly thinks so. And she usually has the biggest budget.

The OCCC in Texas passed a “Clean-Up Bill” causing our Texas friends a lot of grief. (Read below for TOFSC thoughts on TX.)

Here’s a piece on this subject by the highly regarded Consumers Financial Services Group

The OCCC in Texas passed a “Clean-Up Bill” causing our Texas friends a lot of grief.

Read the Texas update here and the full story on our Payday Loan Industry Blog here:

Perilous? Payday Loan Internet Lending

From Michael Brown & Robert Wheeler:

The 2015 Texas legislative
session passed a “Clean Up Bill”, which authorized the OCCC to
review, repeal, and/or replace rules regulating CAB’s. Those new changes were
proposed in September for pre-comment and voted for approval by the Texas
Finance Commission Board to be published in the Texas Register on October 16,
2015 (last Friday) at the Texas Finance Commission meeting in Austin, Texas.

There are approximately 144 changes to TAC 7, Chapter 83, Subchapter B (the
code that outlines the rules CABs live by). This is the first time in 4 years
that any new rules for payday loan or auto title loan businesses known as
“CABs” have been put into place. It is time to get educated on
changes and make the necessary modifications to your documents, processes, and
other operating methods.

The changes affect a broad range of areas from; Definitions; Licensing Fees,
Notice of Delinquency of Annual Assessment, Denial, Suspension, Revocation
based on Criminal History, Examinations, Files & Records, Separation
Between Third Party Lender and CABs, and Case Hearing Procedures.

CAB Consulting has thoroughly reviewed the changes and put together a
compliance plan to ensure CABs, their software providers, and third party
lenders are compliant moving forward into 2016. We are told the first round of
changes are slated to be made effective in late December of this year or early
January 2016.

If you would like to learn more, please contact Michael Brown at 214-293-8676
or Robert Wheeler at 956-639-7162.

Hang in there Payday Loan Fans!!
Challenging times ahead = tremendous opportunities. Our customers are in need of our services MORE THAN EVER!