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Mobile friendly websites

Own a business? Think your customers are using their phone to find you? Call you? Buy from you? You bet your ass! Your customer is reaching for their phone, typing in payday loan Houston… sushi San Diego, cash for gold 92661… car title loan 89104… check casher Kansas City… you name it. And, you’d better look good on that phone! Your customer expects to click a button to call you, find you on a map, send you a text, email your store, make an appointment, verify your business is REAL! If you look like crap on a phone, YOU DO NOT EXIST! Need more proof? Am I beating a “dead-horse?” Read on… from Google… the GOD of marketing! Get a FREE DEMO of your business on your customer’s phone. Visit:

Get a free “Before and After” of your business:


Google Payday Loan Algorithm Change Coming

Search Engine Land posted a piece on the next Google Panda update. “It is unclear exactly what this is an update for. Is it in response to an update on the PayDay algorithm or maybe the softer Panda update? We asked Matt Cutts and Google to clarify but Google won’t clarify.”

2 weeks ago, Google’s Matt Cutts made reference to payday loan “spammy quiries” taking place and the need for a change in Google’s algorithm.

The following week, payday loan hackers made great fun of Google’s in-house pitch man and did this:

Get a payday loan from Google's Matt Cutts

Get a payday loan from Google’s Matt Cutts

What’s the take away? Don’t mess with “The Black Hats.” Then again, I wouldn’t advise messing with Google. In fact, don’t mess with either. It could be bad for your $$ health!


Smart Phone Mobile Friendly Websites-Payday and Car Title Loan Businesses

Google Local Smart phone websitesIf you care about getting new customers for your business, read on. Otherwise, back away…

Google’s stance is clear: your website must provide a good mobile experience if you want it to rank well in mobile Search Engine Ranking Positioning SERPS.

Lenders must “get on the mobile train” to survive. 40% of your customers “look” for your business on their phone.

It’s unlikely that Google will continue to make smartphone users pinch and zoom to access content that’s not made for them. Top Google rankings require having mobile-friendly content.

Look , I’m not suggesting you have to have the ability to populate payday loan and car title application fields with your customer’s social security number, routing number, etc. today. BUT, you must make it easy for your customers to find you on a Map, call you with a “click-to-call” button, send you an SMS or email without a HUGE HASSLE.

You don’t even need a traditional web site to accomplish these things! For multiple examples, see

Accomplishing a smart phone friendly website presence appears to be a major challenge. But, if you break this project down into small chunks, you can swallow this little-by-little.

There are plenty of options. Next, we’ll discuss “How To Get Your Mobile Site Found.” And stay-tuned to . We have a major announcement coming soon on this “mobile” imperative!

Quick & easy Mobile Website Solutions –


Payday Loan Store-Front Businesses: More Ammunition

OETA did a piece on the Oklahoma payday loan industry. In the video, the DA makes the statement that he would prefer store-front payday loan lenders be allowed in the state with some restrictions rather than outlaw the industry and force Oklahoma payday loan consumers to solve their financial challenges with Internet companies. 13% of Oklahoman’s have gotten a payday loan in the past 5 years.

The content of the video makes many derogatory references to tribe payday loan companies, emphasizes the few complaints received by the BBB regarding Oklahoma payday loan stores, and includes several interviews of real-world payday loan customers. These interviews confirm that the payday loan product is not without its controversies BUT does meet a real need in the market place of financial choice.


Payday Loan Job Opportunities and Portfolio Available

We have 4 job openings ($100k – $225K+) and one turn-key/loan portfolio available. All are in the payday loan space. ALL are urgent!

Your initial point of contact will be 702-208-6736. If you’re a potential match meriting further exploration, I’ll setup an intro and “get out of the way.”

#1) Online PDL Portfolio Manager

– Lead analysis
– Loan analysis
– Underwriting
– Metrics for collections
– Co-ordination and management of lead traffic.
– Financial Reporting
– Meet company goals and growth.
– Overall company manager.
– Manage compliance and regulations
– Experience in online business
– Must be able to relocate to South Eastern U.S.
– Salary will be based on experience and job history. Bonus on performance…

Think you’re qualified?

#2) Senior Enterprise Risk Officer:

– Evolve and execute credit strategy. Hands-on involvement with building credit, profitability, and collectability models using SAS and other analytical packages.
– Coordinate directly with Legal, Compliance and Operations to minimize exposure to fraud and regulatory issues
– Analysis and performance metrics for loan portfolios.
– Complete ad-hoc data studies for scorecard validation, test new data sources. Document, studies and publish results with specific findings and recommendations.
– Maximize the success of existing data sources. Identify innovations. Identify policy and operational improvements.
– Provide technical leadership to the Team. Translate high-level business needs into analysis. Deliver actionable results in a short time frame.
– Compose detailed research reports for senior management review to set goals, forecasts, processes, measurement tools and structure.
– Identify opportunities to differentiate Client from competitors.
– Research, ID, and evaluate new credit bureaus and data verification sources.
– Assist with negotiations and contracts with vendors.
– Monitor the competitive landscape and adjunct businesses and models to ID new opportunities.
– ID strategic acquisition targets in North America and the UK.
– Midwest Relocation likely


#3) Portfolio/Turn-key Online PDL Operation

– $300K Portfolio for sale (Doesn’t include any bad debt over 90 days which is with an agency.)
– Delaware choice-of-law model
– Building customer database since 2008; nearly 40K borrowers. Customer/contact info/data updated regularly. Export all of them easily and sort   in excel various ways.
– LMS in place is a well recognized, “off-the-shelf vendor.
– Well branded, compliant, mature turn-key website in place

Interested? PLEASE! Don’t waste our time; yours or mine! This is not a desperate situation.

#4) Online PDL Operations Manager

– Hiring staff
– Scheduling
– Training
– Supervising CSR’s and call center Supervisors
– Manage collections staff
– Manage retention staff
– Recruitment
– Must be able to relocate to South Eastern U.S.
– Salary will be based on experience and job history. Bonus on performance…

Think you’re qualified?

#5) Experienced Data Analytics Person.

– Pay based on experience – generous profit share possibilities.
– Management of CSR’s outside the scope of this job.
– Skills needed- Highly experienced with  risk management modeling, underwriting and score card development.
– Prefer knowledge of multiple lending models including offshore, tribal and choice of law.
– Access to capital is not an issue- current companies completely self funded.
– We have been in AFS space 15+ years
– Relocation to one of our in-house facilities desired (Mid-West
– Looking for someone with a proven track record of success

Think you’re qualified?

That’s it. Interested? Respond above or call Jer 702-208-6736 . Need help with your recruitment project? Contact . DISCREET!!!!