Offshore Convention – We’re Back!

Yep, we made it back alive. Soon as we unpack, shake all the insects out and cleanup, I’ll post some interesting ideas and strategies to share regarding payday loan enterprises and offshore strategies. I spoke with lawyers, bankers and payday loan operators from Belize, Panama, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Ecuador, Mexico… there was even a tribe or two at this 4 day conference with workshops! 702-208-6736


Offshore Convention-Off the Grid-Micro-Lending,Taxes,IBC’s,Vendors,Suppliers and More

Jer Ayles-Ayler Trihouse ConsultingMonday Feb. 20 through Saturday Feb. 25th, our Team is attending the Offshore Convention. This takes place in deepest, darkest… shhh … it’s a SECRET! We’re off-the-grid. Phone calls may be iffy buy we will have email/internet access.


Free Payday Loan Compliance School in Kansas City, Wednesday February 22nd.

Wednesday, February 22 in Kansas City.

Free payday loan compliance school by two industry pros – Claudia Callaway and Tom Duffy!

Reservations? Contact Ann Jones at 202.625.3548

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Payday Loan Advance America to Be Sold to International Micro-Lender

Just in case you’ve been off-the-grid today, you better take a look:

Advance America is for sale to Ricardo Salinas and Grupo Elektra at a 30% premium. Reminds me of the movie, “The Good the Bad and the Ugly.” It’s like Eli Wallach saying to the CFPB, “Badges, we don’t need no stinking badges.”


Payday Loan Tribe-Sovereign Nation Model: Huge Win!

Payday Loan Tribal Model Wins Huge Today!

Judge Morris B Hoffman, District Court Judge for Colorado Supreme Court, granted the tribal entities motion to dismiss, vacated orders enforcing administrative subpoenas and discharged all warrants associated with tribal officers’ failure to appear on February 13, 2012.

In Cash Advance v. State ex rel. Suthers, 242 P.3d 1099 (Col. 2010) Miami Nations Enterprises and SFS, Inc, tribal payday loan enterprises, The Colorado Supreme Court sustained the tribes ability to offer payday loans.

Judge Hoffman focused on the following issues:

1) The Tribes Created the Entities Pursuant to Tribal Law
2) The Payday Loan Enterprises Are Owned and Operated by Their Tribes
3) Giving the Tribes Immunity Will Protect their Tribes’ Immunity
4) The State’s Sham Argument
5) Waiver of Immunity

I’m not a lawyer so I will not delve deeply into the decision other than to comment that you REALLY must read the ORDER! It’s 27 pages in length and absolutely FASCINATING!!! It delves into the economic benefits the tribes’ have experienced, the “deal” with the payday loan management team, the legal precedent backing up Judge Hoffmann’s decision…

I conclude the sovereign nation model will be embraced by more tribes. Groups with significant payday loan experience will be in greater demand by tribes than they already are. The cost of entry to those waiting on the sidelines for this model to mature and perceived to be without risk will ramp up dramatically.