Payday Loans, Tribes, Sovereign Nation and Internet Gambling

Washington D.C. and Nevada will soon be offering Internet gambling. More states are certain to follow if only because state tax coffers are running empty. The FED’s next moves aren’t clear. The DOJ just reversed its interpretation of the 1961Wire Act. Meanwhile, more payday loan Lenders are “partnering” with tribes. The legal “templates” for tribal payday loan “partnerships”  are becoming almost robotic. Since the Tribal Business Expo last March in Las Vegas at the Hilton, we’ve helped initiate more than nine tribal agreements.

So, why all the interest by tribes and payday loan management companies to enter into these relationships? Here are just a few:

  • Many federally recognized tribes are poor. Not all tribes are able to participate in energy, gaming…
  • In spite of what payday loan critics say, the industry is highly regulated. Roughly 17 states simply ban payday loans.
  • Consumers by the millions want and need access to small, short-term, non-collateralizedloans. There are payday loan companies exceeding $120M per month in loans!
  • The Internet offers efficiency, speed, and access to payday loan customers
  • Fixed costs foe Internet payday loan Lenders is less than that for “brick-n-mortars.”
  • Tribe gaming revenues are down as much as 30% because of the poor economy
  • The “payout” expectations of tribes by payday loan Lenders has fallen because of competition for payday loan management teams that can bring expertise and capital sources to the tribe.
  • The cost of state-by-state compliance by payday loan Lenders is rising.
  • Sophisticated “money” is sniffing around the industry. They’re looking for significant returns and they are high-risk players.
  • Creative approaches for offering payday loan type products, such as the offshore model, are becoming harder to “digest.” Continued access to the ACH system and sub-prime consumer data are just two issues that could become a problem for the “exotics.”

Bottom line, the AFS  (Alternative Financial Services) space is quite simply ROARING with opportunity, challenges, technology, capital, DISRUPTION…

I’ve been in this game since 1997 and I’ve never been so EXCITED! 702-208-6736




How to Start a Pawnshop Business Franchise

If you have any interest in the Pawn Industry, read on. If not, DELETE NOW!

The pawn shop industry is experiencing tremendous growth and prosperity in spite of having an image problem. Reality TV and tough economic times for the US economy during  the next several years promises continued profits for pawn operators.

TV shows like “Pawn Stars” have reminded consumers and entrepreneurs  that the  “world’s oldest profession” – think PAWN – offers opportunities for getting cash for the former and opportunity for the latter.

Still the challenge of getting consumers to take that first step through the pawn shop door can be daunting.
As one Money Mizer pawn shop operator pointed out regarding typical customer perceptions, “They envision a small store with poor lighting,  a shady operation, with pawn operators trying to take advantage of you. That’s just not the situation any longer. Our pawn stores are elegant, well lit, and employ customer oriented, knowledgeable staff. Our goal is to provide our customers with a temporary loan, solve their current financial problem and create a long-term relationship by adding one more financial choice for our customer.

The latest quarterly profits at the three publicly traded pawn store operators reflect the growth the pawn industry is enjoying. Cash America International Inc., Ezcorp Inc. and First Cash Financial Services Inc. each reported net incomes that were up at least 25 percent from a year ago.
Pawn shops have entered the realm of pop culture with the History Channel’s reality TV show Pawn Stars. “We’re experiencing a surge of customers who have never been in a pawn shop before,” Money Mizer said. “They are fascinated by it!”

The average pawn customer is 36 years old with a household income of $29,000. Eighty percent are employed and a third are homeowners, according to figures from the National Pawnbrokers Association. People come into pawn shops from all income levels; from public assistance to wealthy individuals.

So, if you’re like me and are intrigued by the pawn shop industry and want to dig a little deeper into the opportunity, read on. We bring to your attention the Money Mizer Franchise Opportunity. Check out their offering below and follow-up with them directly to explore…

With financial challenges, increased debt and a lack of banking relations putting the pressure on so many Americans, there has never been a better time to offer your community a full range of pawn, banking and retail services.

The Time Is Right

The Money Mizer franchise program is a tremendous opportunity and it could be just right for you. We provide the support you need to open and operate your Money Mizer business. We assist with everything from site location to store layout and from start-up assistance to specialized software for monitoring business functions. The operations manual is detailed and comprehensive making the Money Mizer franchise program complete and fully functional so that you can grow your business in every way.

Taking Pawn To The Next Level

Since founding our 1st store in 1980, we have broken new ground in the pawn industry by developing unique, high-end stores that offer quality new and used products at bargain prices as well as comprehensive niche banking services. We also use the internet to expand our market reach. This is the business model we build on with all our franchise partners. It’s a winning formula that can work for you, too.

Start Making It Happen Today

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Or call for immediate info: 855-482-PAWN


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Advertising-The Simple Methods Still Work with Payday, Car Title and Gold

Remember – the simple stuff still works! In the age of the Internet, IPads, smart phones, PPC programs like Google and Bing, text messaging, blogging, click-to-call, yada, yada, yada… the offline marketing channels still work great! This is true for both brick-n-mortar and online payday loan, cash advance, “pink-slip (car title) loans, scrap gold buyers and more.

Specifics? We have a location near a freeway off-ramp. We put up a highway billboard with a large graphic of one of our founders, a pot-of-gold and a simple call to action. After implementing the new billboard one week, we increased our weekly scrap gold purchases 30% and increased our store net revenue (on the gold side) from $4000/week to $5200/week. Scrap gold buys and revenues continue to increase! Our “out-of-pocket” costs are less than $300/month.

The point? Don’t forget the basics! Simple works!!
Leave a comment! What do you think? What’s working/not working for you?


Payday Loan-Matt Lauer NBC Payday Loans Not All Bad

Slowly, regulators, the media and other attack dogs are beginning to comprehend what payday loan consumers have known for years. That is, payday loan type products make sense under certain circumstances. Sure, they can be abused. So can credit cards. But no one has suggested credit cards be banned from the market place. Although my peers have expressed surprise at the “balanced” coverage NBC’s Matt Lauer and crew gave the payday loan industry, I’m not! I talk to these people every day. The winds of change are sweeping across the payday loan landscape. Bare through the pain of the commercial in this video and see for yourself. If you’re a payday loan fan, you will be pleased. Matt Lauer NBC Payday Loan coverage.