Taste It! Payday Loans, Car Title Loans, Rapid Tax Refunds

Yes, it’s been awhile; we’ve been REALLY busy the past several weeks!

Our Internet transaction volume is up strong and we’ve opened 2 more stores for payday loans, car title lending and RAL’s (rapid tax refunds)

So… this has got to be short and sweet!

1) If you need help, either with your existing payday loan, car
title lending, or check cashing business, or starting one of these
businesses, visit our list of vendors and suppliers. They’re very good
and experienced.¬† They’re listed here: Payday Loan & Car Title Vendors:

2) If you’re considering entering our industry OR you’re contemplating
the addition of one of these products to your existing product line,

That’s right. Go get a payday loan! Go get a car title loan! Go cash
a check!

What’s it feel like? How are you treated? What does the location
look like? What other products or services do they offer? How much
“action” is going on? What do they require? How long does it take?

And this goes for you Internet guys as well!

GET OUT IN THE FIELD! Taste it! Feel it! Roll around in it!

Just go do it… You’ll be surprised what you see and learn; guaranteed!

Your thoughts, ideas and comments are DEMANDED!