New Payday Loan Study Positive for the Industry

By | May 14, 2010

“The survey evidence paints a negative picture of how consumers view credit union payday loans,” the report said. “Most payday borrowers indicate a strong preference for a less restrictive but high-price standard payday loan; very few prefer the credit union version of a payday loan. Borrowers’ distaste for the credit union payday loan is driven most strongly by credit unions’ shorter hours of operation, a lack of privacy conferred because credit union payday loans do not ‘keep my payday borrowing separate from my other banking, for personal reasons,’ and the fact that defaulting on a credit union payday loan harms one’s credit score.”


Magic Numbers Don’t be misled by payday loan statistics.

By | Jan 27, 2010

A common practice in making small loans of a few hundred dollars for a few weeks is to charge about $15 per hundred dollars lent. Politicians, the media, community activists, and miscellaneous other busybodies are able to transform these numbers into annual percentage charges of several hundred percent, thereby creating moral melodramas and demands that the government “do something” about such “abuses.


Payday Loan Internet Biz 4 Sale

By | Jan 14, 2010

Payday Loan Internet business that has suddenly become available.

For those of you in the market for a turnkey payday loan business, we have one!

Here’s the lowdown from the seller:

“Small Internet Payday Advance company for sale. 10+ year old
company is winding down business and is currently maintaining its


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