Payday Loan Marketing Idea

By | May 2, 2012

This picture says it all! This “graphic wrap” for your business is a no-brainer. Drive it… move it… park it… better than signage. It certainly can compensate for a poor location! Budget $2500 depending on your locale. Email us for your local installer. Need know-how? Want to start a payday loan business? Sign up for […]


Payday Loans Are Like Coconuts? You’ve got to be kidding!

By | Sep 18, 2011

I love to talk about the loan shark… I mean payday loan and micro-lending industry. I’m lucky! I receive calls and emails from around the world. So… I’m talking to Charlie B., a silicon-valley buddy of mine who’s been exploring the micro-lending space for a while. He begins to tell me about his trip to […]


Payday Loan Loyalty Cards

By | Jul 15, 2011

Another “Thinking Out of the Box” micro-lending – payday loan – idea: Customer loyalty cards on their phone. Ever been to your favorite coffee or yogurt shop and forgotten your punch card? You know the one… buy 10 coffees and get the 11th one free? Of course you have!  Well, here’s a cool idea. A loyalty […]


Why Text Messaging SMS is Better Than Email

By | Apr 26, 2011

One reason why mobile marketing is so effective is because it provides brands with a way to reach their target audience throughout the day instead of just when they’re at a computer, watching television or reading a magazine. Another reason is that mobile marketing leverages other media, such as by including a short code on a billboard so those passing by can get information on the spot.


I Stole This Simple Marketing Idea

By | Dec 17, 2010

Increase payday loan and car title loan revenues with this idea: Visit the auto repair shops in your area. Ask them if they ever have a customer who doesn’t have the money to pay for their car repair. OF COURSE THEY DO!


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