PDL Business Intel: Get Your Competion to Spill Their Guts

By | Jul 27, 2016

How to sit down with your competition’s employees and get them to spill their guts! Every payday loan, title loan and installment loan business owner needs information. Want to know what your competition is doing? Want to know what’s working for other payday loan, title loan and installment lenders in your area? Thinking of starting a loan business […]


More Stupid Things Lenders Do

By | Feb 20, 2015

More Stupid Things Lenders do. John Q. called me this morning. He owns a payday loan and car title lending store. He wants to “tighten up” his operation and open 3 more locations. I advised him to get a loan at “your biggest, baddest competitor in your market in order to copy and emulate their […]


How to Survive in The Payday Loan Industry

By | Oct 10, 2013

Here’s a portion of an ongoing “Thread” by Serge Milman at Optirate.com. You would think we were discussing the payday loan space: Chase knows exactly what they are doing and has a clear plan on stealing customer base and wallet share from competitors in what-ever local market they enter. Large Banks – assets > $50b […]



By | Apr 30, 2013

Take Away from EZCorp F2Q13 Earnings Call: Regarding consumer demand: “The customers’ need for short-term cash is growing. Nearly every study we see, every empirical set of data that we look at agrees that our consumer is terribly under-served. What we also know to be true is that our customers are sophisticated in their choices. […]


The Money Doesn’t Know What It Doesn’t Know: Jer Trihouse

By | Feb 27, 2013

By Jer Ayles-Ayler * I got a call from  Hilary Miller, a lawyer buddy of mine. A group with more money than god wanted his counsel regarding entry into the small dollar loan space. When he explained they would have to pay him, they bailed. Great! You have access to “the money.” So what! Do […]


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