Payday Loan Metrics & Credit Building

By | Dec 2, 2012

Payday loan lending transaction volume is booming all over the world! Witness the U.K. lender Wonga (founded by an ex-Google executive). Wonga approved a whopping 2.4 million loans last year, an increase of 300% over 2010. In addition to the controversy surrounding these small dollar loans and their perceived “high fees” (let’s not get into […]


Payday Loan Company EZCORP on the Motley Fool

By | Apr 8, 2010

The point is made that our payday loan customers, like most citizens of the world, are loaded with debt and have no one to turn to but us. Who but a payday loan lender will advance $300 to $1500 with little more than a promise to pay us back. A job and a bank account is all that is required.


Payday Loans – Consumer Federation of America Wake-Up!

By | Mar 15, 2010

Consumer Federation of America WAKE-UP! Educate yourselves first!! Payday loan consumers MUST HAVE BANK ACCOUNTS TO QUALIFY FOR A PAYDAY LOAN! Of course they must have a job also in order to pay us back.


Payday Loan Operators-How to Make Tons of Cash With Your Data

By | Jan 6, 2010

Payday loan companies: Can you use FREE money? Would you like to make a ton of money with your existing customer data? A ton of money just with your “dormant files” and your non-current customer information?

Your customer data has tremendous value. And there are companies willing to pay you a ton of money every month for this information. You can monetize your customer data at zero expense to you and with no risk of cannibalizing your data.


Future of the Payday Loan Industry-Joint Ventures

By | Dec 28, 2009


1) You’re not simply a payday loan provider, a car title loan lender, a rapid tax refund agent, a check casher, a bill pay processor, a rent-to-own center, a pawn shop… you’re in the micro-lending industry; a giant niche worth billions of dollars annually throughout the world.

2) Embrace the Internet or Die!

3) Joint ventures and partnerships can make a great deal of sense.

4) Canadian affiliate program opportunity.


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