Texas CSO Credit Services Organization Transition to CAB Credit Access Business, January 1, 2012

By | Oct 19, 2011

If you have an interest in the Texas payday loan CSO Credit Services Organization transition to the new CAB Credit Access Business Model read on! Delete this now if not!! Texas (CSO) Credit Service Organizations are facing a new phase of payday loan regulation as they are forced to transition to the Credit Access Business […]


Texas CSO Credit Services Organization – Payday Loans

By | Feb 22, 2011

The two bills that have been introduced in the Texas legislature re-define “Credit Service Organization” to specifically exclude payday loan stores. This would limit the fees that these payday loan and car title loan stores can charge based on an annual percentage rate.


Payday Loans and the Hypocrisy of Their Competitors

By | Apr 10, 2010

In Texas, as in many locales, credit unions are aggressively developing products to compete with payday loans; the majority of which are offered under the CSO Model ( Credit Services Organization ). In a nutshell, under the CSO Model, a payday loan company simply fills out a one page form required to register as a CSO along with a bond and they’re in business. (There are a few other details…like forming two entities “at an arms-length-relationship” to (1)act as a “CSO and (2) a “Lender.”)


Arizona Payday Loan Law Update

By | Apr 4, 2010

Many Arizona payday lenders have other lines of business, including car title loans, check-cashing services, scrap gold buying and acting as agents for the Motor Vehicle Division to register vehicles. Rapid tax refunds (RALS) are in the mix as well.


CSO-Credit Services Organization for Payday Loans & Car Title Loans

By | Feb 22, 2009

The Credit Services Organization, often referred to as a CSO, is becoming popular in states like Texas for offering payday loans and car title loans. The reason? The state of Texas simply requires a “registration” of a business as a CSO rather than applying for a payday loan or car title loan license.


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