Jer Ayles-Ayler Trihouse on the Road with Payday Loans & More

By | Mar 21, 2011

AFS (payday loans, check cashing, currency exchange, money transfer, car title loans, tax refunds…) products and services coming


Tales from the Payday Loan Trenches

By | Feb 25, 2011

Bob’s two stores are netting $50,000 a month before taxes. He’s got a default rate of less than 3%. (Bob’s a little maniacal. He visits his late payers at their home! 3 years on the job are required to qualify for a loan from him.)


Future of Payday Loan Insight-Advance America provides Insight

By | May 20, 2010

Want some really interesting insight into whats going on in our industry? Go here and read the last 2 or 3 10-Q’s. Man… make my head tingle! Click here: Advance Cash America Investors

If you’re like the majority of our readers, legislation and alternative products are of great interest. Here’s a little insight into the advance cash America thinking from their 10-Q:

Changes in Legislation


HR 1214 Payday Loan Reform Act 2009

By | Apr 6, 2009

The Payday Reform Act (H.R. 1214) outlines so-called “solid consumer protections for 23 states that have weak or nonexistent consumer protections from abusive lenders.” H.R. 1214 focuses on fees charged and the so-called “cycle of debt.”


Payday Loans, Advance America Laws & Government Affairs

By | Jan 31, 2009

We’re very upbeat about this appointment. Advance America, amongst many others, is a very large and profitable payday loan company whose agenda includes fighting for the rights of consumers to have access to multiple financial products and in defending our industry and all the employees, business operators, commercial property owners that depend on the micro-lending niche.


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