Starting a Payday Loan -Title Loan Company

By | Mar 24, 2017

Hello Money Lender, Insight & Wisdom in small dollar lending. Digging down below the media headlines… We congratulate you for recognizing the profit potential of the “business of lending.” It’s incredible how profitable and powerful a lending business can be! Simply put, lending is the best possible business you can be in. Why? Your inventory […]


The Unbanking of America-Professor Lisa Servon Worked in a Payday Loan Store

By | Mar 9, 2017

Why the Payday Loan Industry is Not Only Surviving But Thriving in 2017! Why do real people use payday loans? Why does the middle class choose check cashers rather than banks? Watch Professor Lisa Servon discuss her new book [2:09 minutes in Video] “Unbanking of America.” One of the RARE academic’s who ACTUALLY LEAVES THE […]


Payday-Installment-Title loan Store Marketing Ideas: 101

By | Feb 13, 2017

Marketing Ideas. By the guys who wrote the book on starting a payday loan, installment or title loan business. What’s a payday, installment, title loan lender to do? How do you get more customers? Google? Facebook? Instagram? Pinterest? Blogs, Direct mail? Yellow Pages Online? Buy leads? Billboards? What REALLY works? Acheiving success in increasing your […]


Highly Experienced Short-Term Lending Executive Available – Do You Need Help?

By | Jan 23, 2017

Does your de novo or established short-term lending enterprise need a talented, experienced, executive?   [Name Redacted by Jer at Trihouse Consulting] has nine years of experience in the short-term financial industry. He brings extensive knowledge in multiple lending products including payday, installment and line of credit platforms. He has vast implementation experience with both […]


Tribe Sovereign Status at Risk? WikiLeaks?

By | Jan 12, 2017

By: Jer Ayles at Trihouse Consulting. 702-208-6736 There’s an interesting “Conversation” written by Matthew Fletcher Professor of Law & Director of the Indigenous Law & Policy Center, Michigan State University. His thesis is that a negative outcome of a personal injury case under review by the Supreme Court could expose Indian tribes to new legal risks […]


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