The Business of Lending Money: Tricks & Scams Just Plain Stupid!

By | Jan 15, 2018

Attention payday, car title, signature, student, line-of-credit and yes, even Bitcoin lenders! Do not play games with the FTC! They are “dialing for dollars.” Opportunities to help US consumers abound! Consider just this one telling statistic: “About 46 percent of Americans said they did not have enough money to cover a $400 emergency expense. Instead, […]


Payday Loan Collections

By | Jan 3, 2018

Got too many online payday loans defaulting? Need help collecting on your online payday loans? Online payday loan borrowers blowing you off? Payday Loan consumers refusing to pay you back on their loan or worse, disappearing on you? Help is here! DO this!! The simple collection tactics still work!!! Your payday loan, car title and small dollar loan borrowers […]


Bank Accounts for MSB’s, PDL, Check Cashers: “Bank Discontinuance Solved.”

By | Dec 20, 2017

A seriously experienced provider [20+ years in the industry] for MSB bank accounts, money transmitters, check cashers, ACH services, Pin Debit & EBT, ATM services… reached out to me today for introductions to our industry. If you’ve ever received a 30 day “Bank Discontinuance Notice” from your bank you’ll recall that sick feeling in your gut! And […]


CFPB Employee Files Whistle Blower Charges: Payday Lender Ace Cash Express $10M Fine Bogus

By | Dec 14, 2017

A former CFPB examiner filed whistle blower charges against her employer, the CFPB, claiming she was terminated for refusing to falsify ACE Cash Express documents that resulted in a $10,000,000 fine levied against Ace! The CFPB continues to be revealed as a reprehensible, rogue government organization whose management enabled their personal prejudices to attempt to […]


Payday Loan Borrowers: “Those People.”

By | Dec 11, 2017

By: Jer Ayles. Banks do not want payday loan consumers as customers. It’s true that a bank’s cost of capital is low, but they do not service sub-$3000 signature loans efficiently enough to make serious profits. Frankly, they do not want to be bothered. Bankers are too busy funding Bitcoin ETF’s and ICO’s, even if […]


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