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Payday Loan Companies Record Profits

Payday lenders and the stock market prices for their publicly traded shares are at record highs.

Why? Because payday loan lenders have been transitioning away from mono-line payday loans for the past several years.

If you’ve been following our advice here at, you’re no doubt aware that micro-lenders – that is payday, car title, signature, line-of-credit lenders – have been busy creating new loan products for years. That means for many lenders, the stereotypical “payday loan” product makes up less than 20% of their loan portfolios.

Of course, the folks at Bloomberg just figured this out. Too bad they’re too busy to listen to the earnings report calls we enable our readers to jump on!

Enova International Inc. has more than doubled so far this year, the best performer in the Russell 2000 Consumer Lending Index, followed by rival Curo Group Holdings Corp., up 64 percent.

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Payday Loan Kiosk Machine Revenue Share Opportunity

I’m in need of a store front owner to allow a state-of-the-art payday loan KIOSK machine to be placed in their location.

This is a revenue share proposal.

No out of pocket expense to the store owner.

This new technology, enables a consumer to apply for a PDL and receive cash within 60 seconds.

Kiosk operates 24/7.

The KIOSK manufacturer has been in the PDL space 11 years.

They have 90 KIOSK loan machines.

US expansion is the goal.

The KIOSK manufacturer provides ALL capital to fund the PDL’s.

The KIOSK manufacturer ships, delivers, and sets up the PDL machines with Internet; no expense to you.

The KIOSK manufacturer has developed software to analyze each consumer loan applicant’s individual credit history, and enable the borrower applicant to select a loan principal amount, and fund the loan immediately via the KIOSK in cash, debit card, or bank deposit.

The KIOSK scans and dispenses checks as well.

The borrower simply approaches the KIOSK, chooses the amount they desire to borrow, enters an SMS code to verify their phone number, places their ID on the built-in scanner, a built in camera takes their photo, borrower “signs” agreement with their fingerprint and they receive CASH IMMEDIATELY!

KIOSK manufacturer maintains a 24/7 call center. They handle all inquiries, issues, questions, collections…

A single KIOSK can service up to 500 borrowers/day.

Kiosk dispenses loan proceeds in cash and accepts repayments by cash, check, debit card…

Consumer loans can be repaid via the KIOSK, via the KIOSK manufacturer’s website or phone.

No consumer bank statements required.

No borrower CRA reports required.

Consumer data HIGHLY secured.

Consumer does NOT need to fill out ANY documents. Consumer does NOT submit bank statements OR pay stubs.

Ultimate goal is KIOSKS in convenient locations throughout USA. In malls, metro/gas stations, supermarkets, casinos,

Kiosks and software is completed and ready for immediate deployment.

60 seconds from application to cash in hand to consumer.

These KIOSKS & this technology is WORKING TODAY!

Interested in exploring?

Email your name, State, and phone number to
Put in the “Subject:” KIOSK MACHINE

Jer – Trihouse


How to Make Serious Money Lending to the Masses

You want to make serious money by lending money to the masses or you would not be reading this.

To be successful as a lender – or in any other entrepreneurial endeavor – you really only have to be good at  a few things:

  • Picking the right business niche
  • Raising money
  • Hiring good people
  • Ability to iterate through your challenges
  • Be bold. DO OR DO NOT!

Pick the Right Business Niche

Let’s get real!

Lending money to the masses can be very profitable!

Payday loans, signature loans, car title loans, personal cash advances, merchant cash advances, business to business loans… whatever you call them, all can be very profitable.

Real world example?

We’re charging $15 to $30+ for every 14 day loan we make. [Depends on the state we’re in or the tribe we collaborate with.]

That’s a 400%+ annual percentage rate (APR) for a borrower to use our money for two weeks.

I’ve watched stores reach $10,000 in loans after only being opened 3 weeks; within a year, $100,000 on a good week and generating $50,000/month in fees.

Sure. Lenders have costs. Payroll costs, utility costs, website costs, merchant processing, rent, legal, taxes… but you get the picture.

A lender’s inventory is MONEY!

It’s not flowers that die on you. It’s not food that rots. It’s MONEY, MOOLAH, COIN, DINERO, SCRATCH $$.


DONE! I’ve established that the business of lending money to the masses can be very profitable!

Raising Money

This is a mindset. It’s about presentation. Practice getting good at distilling your idea into a bite sized amount. Get your business launched.

I’m not taking about immediately achieving huge scale. Just get your loan business open for business and fund a few loans. Store front, Internet, mono-line, combo… just fund a few loans!


Friends, family, peers, members of your network… will find out what you’re doing.

They will want to learn more.

Don’t be shocked when they say something along the lines of, “I have $20K sitting in the bank earning 1% per year before taxes and inflation. Could you put my money to work in your new business?

Of course you can! Offer them 6%, 8%, 10%+ per year. You can afford it when you’re grossing 500%+ APR’s on your loan portfolio!

NOTE: Not sure how I’m calculating these APR’s? Go here: Sample APR Calculations

Hiring Good People

If you’re good at raising capital, you can hire people to do everything else.

You can hire a CEO.

You can hire a lawyer.

You can hire an experienced customer service representative.

You can buy “off the shelf” loan management software.

You can subscribe to a sub-prime consumer credit reporting service.

You can hire great people to do any part of this business you choose to.


To hire right, you need a big funnel. You have to sort through a ton of leads.

You need a system; an on-boarding process.

You’ve got to learn how to do this! [This intel is in our “How to Start a Loan Business.”

The quality of your life is about the people around you.

Everything that bad happened to you in the last 10 years did not happen in a bubble.

Someone either DID or DID NOT do something to you.

That’s life.

Most problems in life are people problems.

We let the wrong – or right – people into our lives.

In business there are some whack jobs! Don’t let them in!

Now go out and BE BAD!

Jer – Trihouse Consulting

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