The BIGGEST Challenge for Every PDL Operator is Customer Acquisition.

By | Jul 27, 2017

This just in from Miro: On the payday loan, title loan, installment and line-of-credit loan frontline; The BIGGEST challenge for every lender is Customer Acquisition.  This applies whether you’re online or storefront. We’re all fighting and clawing to get a new borrower.  More importantly, we’re working to find a GOOD, well paying new customer. You know […]


Payday-Installment-Title loan Store Marketing Ideas: 101

By | Feb 13, 2017

Marketing Ideas. By the guys who wrote the book on starting a payday loan, installment or title loan business. What’s a payday, installment, title loan lender to do? How do you get more customers? Google? Facebook? Instagram? Pinterest? Blogs, Direct mail? Yellow Pages Online? Buy leads? Billboards? What REALLY works? Acheiving success in increasing your […]


Scummy PDL Marketing Tactics: Continued

By | Aug 16, 2016

If this wasn’t so EVIL, I’d be jealous! If you have a business website or are planning one, read on. If this topic is too technical for you, forward it to your website developer! It’s a big deal if you’ve been hit! Static HTML websites are dead. WordPress sites having responsive, mobile friendly capabilities are […]


PAIN and Small Dollar Lending

By | Mar 3, 2016

Pain! I get calls every day from lenders in PAIN! What kind of PAIN you ask? • Fear about what the CFPB/regulators will do to us • What our friends, family and neighbors think of us • What new city ordinance is going to be passed against us • Who might sue us next • […]


Payday Loan Marketing Ideas

By | Aug 7, 2015

Marketing Ideas: Who Uses Payday Loan Products. To improve your marketing and sales initiatives for your payday loan company, you must understand the customer. Who uses payday loan and installment loan products to solve their temporary financial emergency? For insight, look no further than the 10K submitted by Community Choice Financial. “Community Choice Financial Inc. […]


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