Payday Loan Collections

By | Jan 3, 2018

Got too many online payday loans defaulting? Need help collecting on your online payday loans? Online payday loan borrowers blowing you off? Payday Loan consumers refusing to pay you back on their loan or worse, disappearing on you? Help is here! DO this!! The simple collection tactics still work!!! Your payday loan, car title and small dollar loan borrowers […]


Example Payday Loan Partial Payment Agreement

By | Jan 5, 2016

Example Payday Loan Partial Payment Agreement Do you need an example of a payday loan partial payment agreement; sometimes called a “Delayed Deposit Partial Payment Agreement?” [For this form and all the others you’ll need to successfully make money by lending money in the payday loan, installment and car title loan industry, get our “Bible.”] […]


Illegal Payday Loan Company Collects Phantom Debts-FTC

By | Apr 10, 2015

FTC, Illinois Attorney General Halt Chicago Area Operation Charged With Illegally Pressuring Consumers to Pay ‘Phantom’ Debts The Federal Trade Commission and the Illinois Attorney General’s Office have obtained a court order temporarily halting a fake debt collection scam located in Aurora, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago. The defendants are charged with illegally using […]


1 Simple Payday Loan Collection Tactic

By | Mar 15, 2014

“We’ve been taught to collect only one way. Heavy demand. Lots of thunder. But before you start firing all your collection bullets, how about a different approach?” Steve Hodgdon, founder of Modern Asset Management, reminds all of us to not overly complicate the task of getting borrowers to pay us. Watch Steve’s short video and […]



By | Apr 8, 2013

What Keeps You Up at Night? The CFPB? That State AG’s are after you? Is it the Legislators regulating you out of business? Where do all these issues start from? Consumer complaints. Does every loan you make turn into a complaint? No, complaints only come from consumers who don’t repay the loan on time. I’m […]


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