CFPB vs ACH Processor Intercept EFT

By | Jun 7, 2016

ACH Processor for Payday Loan and Car Title Loan Lenders Charged by CFPB 42. For example, an ODFI complained to Defendants that one of its clients, an auto title lender, which was debiting varying amounts from consumers’ accounts multiple times, did not have the contractual right or proper consumer authorization to do so, stating that it was “not […]


Operation Choke Point, Payday Loans, Senator Cruz

By | Nov 6, 2015

Operation Choke Point Payday loans, guns… Senator Cruz takes “big Brother” to task! This is beautiful. AG Nominee Stuart Delery is a weasel… Sen. Cruz Questions  AG Nominee Stuart Delery on Operation Choke Point.


No More Payday Loan ACH Transactions Allowed!

By | Jun 11, 2015

You may not currently operate in California BUT this strategy by State regulators will eventually bite you in the ass as well! No payday loan ACH transactions allowed. Image Cash Letters (ICL) to replace ACH? No ACH transactions to be allowed in Calif. A data base to be enforced in California. Proposed Regulations under the […]


Image Cash Letter ICL

By | May 17, 2015

Image Cash Letter-ACH Alternative Payday Loan & Car Title ACH Alternative – The Offering: Image Cash Letter: A web based portal that will allow for the following: 1) Collection of payments in as early as 1 day 2) Verification of the account prior to deposit to minimize return items and fees (option to push payment […]


ACH Alternative for Payday Lenders

By | Apr 23, 2015

Is your ACH processor threatening you? Is your “return rate too high?” Is your state, similar to California, contemplating  banning payday loan lender access to electronic access to consumer bank accounts?  No worries! When 35 million consumers demand access to a product, entrepreneurs always find a way. There’s a fix for this! If you need […]


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