Payday Loan Affiliate Programs and Making Big Bucks on the Internet

By | Jul 25, 2009

Did you know that the search term “payday loan” was
searched on more than 1,000,000 times just last month! And
that’s just Let’s not forget Bing, Yahoo and all the other
search engines out there. That’s a LOT of people wanting to get a payday
loan last month!


Payday Loans, Government Subsidies and the FDIC’s Small-Dollar Loan Pilot Program

By | Jul 15, 2009

Only a few participating banks have indicated that short-term
profitability is the primary goal for their small-dollar loan
programs. Rather, most pilot banks are using the small-dollar loan
product as a cornerstone for long-term relationship-building that
also creates good-will in the community. Moreover, a few banks’
business models focus exclusively on building goodwill and generating
an opportunity for positive Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)


Payday Loans – How to Start a Payday Loan Internet Business

By | Jul 6, 2009

Regarding a payday loan internet business start-up, be aware that you don’t need thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars to begin. We’ll teach you how to achieve this with less than $100! Also, you don’t need to partner with a bank in order to build a payday loan internet business.


Payday Loans-Arbitration-False Imprisonment-Kentucky

By | Jul 1, 2009

payday loan kentucky: Although there is no
requirement under Kentucky law that claims must relate to the underlying
transaction in order to be arbitrable, the nature of the underlying transaction may
certainly be considered in assessing whether an arbitration agreement is
unconscionable when applied to a particular set of facts. In this case, the
arbitration provision is unconscionable because it encompasses an intentional tort
with so little connection to the underlying agreement that it could not have been
foreseen by Watkins when he signed that agreement.


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