Payday Loans, Advance America Laws & Government Affairs

By | Jan 31, 2009

We’re very upbeat about this appointment. Advance America, amongst many others, is a very large and profitable payday loan company whose agenda includes fighting for the rights of consumers to have access to multiple financial products and in defending our industry and all the employees, business operators, commercial property owners that depend on the micro-lending niche.


Payday Loan Laws – South Carolina Legislation

By | Jan 27, 2009

South Carolina legislators introduced new payday loan legislation that will protect consumers from the so-called “cycle of debt” and allow thousands of payday loan employees and entrepreneurs to remain in business.


Payday Loan Industry Convention – Win $50

By | Jan 19, 2009

We recommend anyone having an interest in the industry attend. One caveat though! If you’re an Internet guy keep your mouth shut. A couple years back, Jer was called an “Internet bandit” and would certainly be seeing the inside of a prison cell soon. The CFSA guys had no clue! Now the Internet payday loan operators are eating the lunch of the “brick-n-mortar” guys and they want to learn how to embrace the Internet!


Pawn Shops and Payday Loans: No Recession Here

By | Jan 17, 2009

Payday loan and pawn shops are looking ahead to 2009 with high expectations. Zack’s Financial Research predicts good returns for EZCORP.


Payday Loans:Fair & Balanced Media Coverage

By | Jan 13, 2009

Sometimes you might need $100 or so for two weeks just to get over a rough patch, a miscalculation in the family finances, so to speak. You can hardly go to the bank for that, and anyway banks don’t make two-week loans. And maybe your sister-in-law is tapped out. So you borrow the money from a payday lender. You pick it up on a Monday, and you pay it back a week from Friday, plus a $20 fee. Sure, that interest would add up to 500 percent on an annual basis, but you’re not borrowing the money for a year. And nobody’s going to loan you $100 for two weeks and charge a nickel. There’s no business model in that. So you willingly pay the $20. No harm done.”


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